Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Midway = Big Day

During the last few days of March, while my mom was visiting, we took Alden out of preschool one day to visit the Midway Museum . We were there ALL day. There are floors to see and flight decks to check and cubbies and curiosities that just keep going and bending around every turn.
Of course, San Diego can't do anything without offering a ride or some simulated sort of creation. We did by pass those since there were so many other hands-on things to discover.

If you have children or older generation men (grandpas) take them here for the day. It was easy, fun, and super informative. I got claustrophobic and panicky just imagining pulling away from port for months at a time knowing that, below that deck, was going to be my home, work, and rest for a significant amount of time. I was relieved to know that even this tight system has a brig to toss the bad eggs for a bit. This environment is NOT for the weak.

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