Friday, July 10, 2009

Out Fishing

I am fairly certain that Dustin hadn't been fishing for over a year which is unheard of. When I met Dustin, we'd go fishing nearly every week for HOURS at a time. I played along because I am a good sport and I kinda thought Dustin was cute. Cut to 13years later... he is still a good fisherman and he thinks I'm kinda cute for sticking around.
Dustin and father, Dan

Dustin with the Catch of the Day


Uncle Dustin and Nephew Conner FISHING!!!

SO fun!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mr. Green Thumbs

With overwhelming need to create and feel like he, too, would be able to provide food for our new baby, Dustin made a garden. In one day. I was hesitant to take on any more projects so I just kept Curt busy so Dustin could dig and till and plant and water and whatever else. Turns out, he has quite the green thumb. We had so many radishes that I kinda ran out of recipes for them. Ok, really? I don't have any recipes. If you do, let me know. I do, however, know how to cut them so they look like little tortoises. Back to Dustin... he is very pleased when out in his garden and seems to be very Zen-ish there.




Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Now What?

With the baby shower over and done, we found ourselves without a project on our roster. We haven't had that issue since, I dunno, last April when we lived like surf bums in Sun Diego. We had been working on the house and yard and other stuff with the goal being that we would rest after the shower as it may be the last time we are ever in the same room together as just US. So. Now what?
We made a leisurely breakfast, loaded up the Curtis, and headed down to the Applegate for some river time.
We hadn't taken Curtis to the river for a loooong time for many reasons but the main one being that we weren't entirely convinced that, once let off leash, he would ever come back to our calls. That or he would maybe kill every duck in a five mile radius and then go hunting for their mothers. He's wild, that one.

We did a little trial and error by throwing the frisbee into the water a little further each time he successfully retrieved it. To our surprise, Curtis was not just focused but determined to retrieve and go again and again into the water back to land and in again. He listened. He obeyed. He got all wet and loved it.
This is the same puppy that whimpered when his tail got wet last summer. Wow. The difference a year makes. I have a feeling that this is not the only time I'll be saying this about him. Good dog, Nerdle Bird Curtis, good dog.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weekend Plans

After a particularly rough day, Dustin came home and stomped around the house for a few minutes. An ample amount of time passed before I asked him what his plans were for the night. His answer?
"Get drunk and type up hate emails."
In mock disgust, I reminded him that is was only Thursday and implied that MAYBE getting drunk and sending out hate mail might not be a good use of time.
Promptly and with confidence, he said, "I know that. Just wait to see what I got planned for tomorrow night."

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dustin's Truths

Last night, while making the belly cast that we received as a cool gift, I asked Dustin what he'd like the baby to refer to him as. I made suggestions like "Papa", "Dad", "Daddy", "Pop". It wasn't even a second while I paused to think of other options when Dustin said, "It can call me Captain".

Technically Full Term

Last Wednesday, July 1st, we were deemed full term. Anything after 37 weeks is good to go. The doctor claims that the babe is approximately 7 pounds and growing at just the right pace. It's head is LOW and it is in the right position for delivery (down and facing my tail bone) and I can attest to that personally. It has just been in the past 2 weeks that this shit is getting uncomfortable. I whine a lot and can't seem to sit still for longer than 5 minutes without some sort of pain, pressure, pinch, push either from me or the baby. Sleep is a distance memory as my waking thoughts are of this little person that we are soon to meet. It is difficult to wrap our minds around the fact that the birth is a huge, inevitable thing now and that we really have no idea of WHEN it is going to happen or HOW it is going to happen. Save your comforting words of "it'll be fine" and "you are prepared". We know, we know. But we are also first timers at this and pretty friggin' excited. C'mon, baby, enough already. Come out and meet us. I swear we are waaaaay cooler than people are saying.
(I'll update with pictures later... computer/camera match up is on the fritz).