Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Alden's Third Birthday

Alden has been very aware of his birthday this year and not so much for the cake and gifts. He is really into progress and aging is progress, right? He's been telling folks that he'll be "three in July" for months now. And since I'm posting this three months and five days after the fact, he is now telling folks that he'll be four in July. See? Progress.

Great Opa Ray, Grumpa Eric, and Papa Dan pooling near the outskirts of the party.

Alden was admiring baby Camille seconds before I got this picture. He wants a baby sister and will dub her Ms. Kathy in honor of his pre-school teacher. Fitting. We'll consider it.

Birthday suits are to be worn but once a year. Alden did greet his guests in clothing but add the heat, the wetness from the inflatable pool and the sticky drips from the shaved ice drinks, we were all bound to be nay-nay.

Jackson was a bit later to arrive and seemed hesitant to join the party. Alden gave him formal greetings and said, "Please may you join my party?" That did it.

Giant bubble making doodad that I made didn't work. But the kids were pumped to move on to the coconut toss any how. Hawaiian themed parties roll like that.

I lost count of how many shaved ice drinks Alden had but they were excellent. Hard to deny them to the birthday boy in costume change number three.

This kid was showered with fun gifts! Books, monster trucks, Hot Wheels, scooter bikes, tool sets! The toys seemed to have a lulling effect on the children and everyone was relaxed until we brought out the redone and customized, motorized, John Deere green and yellow jeep. Our yard will never be the same!

Cousins out for a spin.

Everyone sang really gleefully and Alden bared through it. He seems to get a bit shy when the stage lights are all on him but he new the reward was sweet, sweet cake.

After looking at two other stores and trying to decide with nuclear colored flavor explosion we would get, Alden opted for this very mature chocolate and caramel rectangular cake. He picked the wording color and he was done.

Happy much?

About a week later, we met up with the family in Portland to celebrate our two July 24th birthdays kin. Great Grandma Shirley (Shoo-lee) and Alden make a fun pair.