Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pouty Pants

So far our version of the "terrible twos" is not too intense. Alden is mild in comparison to other kids but he does need a bit more hugging. I'll take it!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat and No Trust

This year we posed as a work crew. Dustin was Construction Foreman. I was Lunch Lady. And Alden was Digger Operator. We had all of the gear except for the hairnets and knee high hosiery. Dustin fashioned a vehicle for Alden (which he refused to wear) and we were off to the Allen's Annual Halloween Party.

We need the profile picture from Shaunna where D and I are looking at each other. His F.U.P.A. and my BOOBS fit together like a yin and yang symbol. That's when you know it's real, y'all.

Parked for the night (but only after dragging it around the neighborhood in hopes of Alden trying it out again).

It is pretty difficult to gather kids in the first place but even more so when they are awake late on a school night, fueled by awesome outfits, and free candy. Tonight we spooked them into one room and got nearly all (Claire Bear? Where are you?)

Alden really got into Halloween this year. Last year was an exercise of just newly walking and learning to knock on doors. This year, he could knock, mutter "Trigger Trees" and "Sank You". He liked the candy portion of the exchange and would look back over his shoulder as he walked away, completely shocked that those people just gave him candy. For no reason! It must have something to do with his facial hair? Yes, that's it.

Alden had been content with either Dustin or myself escorting him to the front doors but then I blew it by trying to convince him to drop the candy in the bag we had. After falling twice in the dark and not catching himself because his tiny hands were fused to candy grenades, I tried to take the candy from him. That is not easy like the old saying goes. He shrieked and ran away from me saying "I no trust". Me? Or the bag? Or both, I asked? He confirmed with "I not trusting". And that was that.