Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cloth Diaperth Are Rad-th

We made it through an entire three days of cloth diapers. I was admittedly nervous to try these suckers out because what if they did, in fact, suck? What if they didn't work like I had hoped? Determined to get on the saving money train, I tried them a few weeks back with Alden was under 10 pounds. He looked like a tick. Ridiculous. Also, I was still VERY novice level at the mom thing so I was scared of adding more laundry to my chore list in my sleep deprived state. I could see myself forgetting to take the cloth diapers OFF of the baby and just tossing the whole works in the washer.

But weeks, pounds, and sleep add up. I am more confident in my abilities to care for my son, myself, and our home all in the same day. Alden is also a bit bigger and fills out the diapers better. Further, Dustin encouraged me that cloth diapers were what we had been raised in and our parents before us so there must be some value to them. Also, in a previous post this week, I discussed my walk of shame with my son's poo on my ankle? 'Member that? Those were disposable diapers and they failed to contain the poo so I figured cloth couldn't do worse than that. So far, so good. Alden seemingly hasn't noticed the change up so that's a plus, too.

Now both grandma's can be assured that those days of sewing diapers and their covers were well worth it. Alden's hiney has never looked cuter all bundled up in 10 and 1/2 inches thick of fabric. Sure, the kid can't bend at the waist and looks like he just got done riding a horse for a week but at least it won't embarrass him or anything.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dustin's Truths

This dates back to May of 2008 when things had been more simple...

Upon preparing to pack our San Diego home into a U-haul:

Me: This is some serious shit. This stuff is heavy and there is a lot of it.
Dustin: It’s cool. We’ll figure it out (meaning that I will have to figure it out)
Me: (getting defensive) Hey, I’m tough. I’m not whining.
Dustin: Oh, I know I married a tough broad. You could probably have a baby sideways.

Awwww, thanks, D.

You Know You're A Mom When...

... you feel something wet drip on your ankle while you are out on a walk with a friend and you don't even PAUSE to think "wait, is it raining?" because YOU KNOW that it is poo. Poo from your baby that is strapped to your front. Poo that is everywhere BUT the diaper. Up the neck and on the ears of that baby and on your shorts and ankle. You further know that you are a mom because you then continue doing errands only to stop to stuff toilet paper around the diaper because why on earth would you have a back up diaper? That would make just TOO much sense and sense is something that went out the door with modesty during labor.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I've Still Got It

Being pregnant is such a glorious feeling. You are giving and creating life and, although exhausting, you do have moments of feeling beautiful. Full hair, fuller chest, letting your abdomen hang loose for the first time since adolescence... it is so pure and specific to those nine months. You are adored by women who have been through it and strike awe in those that haven't. Men, on the other hand, start calling you "Mrs." or "Lady" and steering clear because a) you probably have become unstable emotionally, b) they don't want to catch the virus that got you pregnant, and c) even if you're pulling an Angelina and looking EVEN FOXIER pregnant, you're clearly spoken for. This last part hardly registers in your radar until your final month of pregnancy when you feel utterly enormous and hideous and a bit helpless. You start to wonder if you'll ever get a compliment from the opposite sex again. But then, after hours of labor and many sleepless nights, covered in milk and your tiny infants' feces, you realize that someone has a crush on you.

And, just like that, you realize that you've still got it!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Additional Alternative Celebrity Names

Poo Diamond Phillips
Smela Lugosi

Keep 'em coming, people.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Look At Our Cute Baby. Thanks.

C'mon. Seriously? Cute.
Since Alden has come along, our conversations at home sound like two pre-teen Valley Girls talking about a new hand bag.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Alternative Celebrity Names

Since having the Baby Alden in our home, we've come up with some celeb names that suit him and his emerging talents just fine. They are as follows... we're taking suggestions (my sisters helped on a few):
Edward Snorton
Smilie Cyrus
Christopher Squawken
Kenny Noggins
Tom Snooze
Squinten Tarantino