Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What Color IS That, Anyway?

We've painted our house as of late.

Rather, it is mostly painted and some siding added.

We are against the elements here with fall coming on (read: rain until next March) so we were forced to "winterize" our new windows. Mostly, we couldn't stomach the idea of coming home to a place that resembled a summer squash for the next season of dreary, gloomy rain.
Our reviews so far:
"Thank God. That thing was hideous before."
"Well, it's different."
"No, I like it."
"Hmmm, what color IS that, anyway?"
So, now I'd like you to tell us what you think. This is like the time I bleached my hair white/blond and NO ONE stopped me. I was going to do it regardless but I could have benefited from the resentment I would have had for those that tried to stop me while doing it. Which would have fueled the fire for LOVING the results even if it wasn't totally what I had in mind what with the patches of hair that broke off ON TOP of my head. So, really, don't be shy because I, for one, am not getting back on that ladder to change it anyway but we'd like to know just how far off we are.

I'll Have What He's Having

In the past four days, I've trained Curtis to hop around to confirm that, yes, he does INDEED have to go potty once I've asked him. To which I respond (to the tune of The Beach Boys' Let's Go Surfing) "Let's go potty now. You're gonna show me how. Let's go outside and peeeeeee. C'mon everybody let's peeeeee." It's pretty funny and I like to watch his eyes get all suspicious when I start dancing... either I'm that bad or he is SO jealous of my skills.
We've got this down for the most part. I just have to point at the ground in his sacred potty spot and say, "Go potty" and HE DOES. Quickly and efficiently. I don't know what exactly is in those kibbles that we buy him but I'm starting to think that they may be a supplement to my diet soon. I'd like to see a diagram of dog g.i. tracts to get the design down. Then I'll know so I can request it in my next life... unless I'm going to be a dog and then I'll wish for something else... like a unicorn horn or a kangaroo pouch. I digress. What I'm getting to here is that Curtis has the most reliable bowels ever. And now I have the suspicious eyes because I'm jealous of his skills.

Friday, September 26, 2008


A few posts ago I had mentioned that the kitchen finally had a sink. Well. It does have a sink but, until just 2 hours ago, it did not have a faucet in which to run water from. Sorta critical in the usefulness of a sink, the water. Now we have one and it has hot AND cold water running free at our command. Dustin nearly wept... for a couple of reasons. One being that it took him about 8 hours to get it in just right (those concrete counter tops aren't so awesome NOW are they, D?). The other reason being that he can tell me and half of Grants Pass to get off his ass about it.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Modern Chinese Water Torture

Time: Saturday evening
Location: Disbelief Town
Population: 2
Report: (imagine this tapped out in Morse code) Hot water heater rusted through. Unrelated leak under house. Washer running water excessively. Decided to paint house exterior today.
Journal Entry: I think that the paint and the water heater have been planning it for some time now. It's clearly a home uprising. But that's ok because I have been dying to try out the new poor girls mini-spa idea from Young Miss. It's where you take some damp wash cloths, nuke them in the microwave, and "steam" clean your face and, in my and Dustin's case, our entire paint speckled bodies. Because WHY WOULDN'T you paint the house on the hottest day in Indian Summer with no water?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Countertops, how I Love Thee!

It's a pretty exciting time to leave for 5 weeks for work and return to a kitchen with floors.

And appliances in places where appliances should be.

But, the real topper here is that Dustin has poured the counter tops and have them in place.

Holy Cow Bells, people. You know what that means, right?

Yes, there is now a sink.

Yes, I will shave my pits. It's a win-win.