Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dustin's Truths about Curtis' Truths

Not sure if it was the excitement of the moment (seeing as how we JUST GOT HOME... JUST LIKE YESTERDAY AND THE DAY BEFORE) but Curtis, after ripping through the yard with a stick in his mouth, paused to go potty. Like a lot of potty. Like a waaaay lot of potty.
Dustin and I stood, speechless, watching this projectile potty happen until it was finally over. While Curtis ran off like "no big whoop" to smell the mail box, Dustin turned to me and said, "I didn't know whether to dip a strawberry or be concerned."

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dustin's Truths

On our ride over to the Oregon coast, Dustin and I were feeling extremely energized as we were becoming increasingly aware of just how good this trip was going to be.
We realized that it had been about six months since we had both been away from our home and lives (and all of their degrees of responsibility) so we discussed things that we used to when it was just us in San Diego. We talked about why it could be that grapes are deadly poisonous for dogs (along with raisins... don't test it. It's a fact), the old scallops vs. shrimp being the best topic, odd side jobs, etc. It was all very relaxing and fun to hang out like the buddies that we are and not just the soon-to-be-parents, home owners, job havers, bill payers that we also are. Dustin, in all of his enthusiasm, exclaimed, "We can do it! We just have to grab life by the throat and kick it in the balls!"
After cleaning up the jo-jo chunks I had spit all over the dash of the car, I took away his coffee because, clearly, he'd had too much.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Que the "Loser" Sound from The Price Is Right

I became thirty years old today. And the title of this blog is merely meant to be facetious as I actually really like the idea. I feel more wise and like my life and the way I got to it more with every passing year. So, if this is the beginning of the "old" that I've heard so much about, I welcome it with open arms.
We had a nice, slow paced day at work where everyone was receptive to my Unicorn Sandwiches that I made for my birthday dessert. I came home to a rather impatient and pushy Dustin who was "hungry. Like right now hungry" and offered for us to go to Blondie's. I was pretty content sitting on the porch eating my birthday gift from Megan. I wasn't feeling much like stuffing my 30 year old body and near 6 month old baby belly into a dress but... I did. And I am glad because we were greeted with a table full of patiently waiting friends and family. Surprise! That was awesome.

We woke up early the next morning, packed up, set the pets up with my mother-in-law, and took off for the coast. It was a trip sponsored by my mom and two sisters as they were clued in by Dustin. We stayed at the adorable cozy Lowden's Beachfront Bed and Breakfast in Brookings which had the best view of the waves and river outlet.

As it was hailing upon our arrival, we were relieved to be forced to stay in. We cruised the awful cable and settled on my personal favorite... The Rock of Love with Brett Michaels: Season 3. Intrigued, I feel asleep next to a fascinated Dustin. We made reservations at The Nautilus and ate until beyond stuffed. Barfy stuffed. In a good way.

The next morning, after setting off the fire alarm over a burnt croissant (my bad. figures), we headed toward The Trees of Mystery. SO MUCH FUN HAD HERE. Right up our alley.

We took our time coming home and even went to a movie to make the weekend last that much longer.

It was perfect.

A lovely babymoon.

A lovely 30th birthday weekend.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dustin's Truths

This was said some time ago but, due to the profound clarity and realism, we take turns declaring it around our house weekly.
After a particularly ridiculous day, Dustin came home and said, "You know, Ed? Life is nothing but a series of obligations and disappointments."
Bitter and officially over it, anyone?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Dustin's Truths

Last night, after a few hours of intense silence, (as I was snoring on the couch since 7 p.m.), Dustin turned to me and said, "When is someone going to update toilet paper? I mean, we have phones that take pictures and we can microchip i.d. our pets but we haven't come up with anything better than paper in the bathroom? What are WE going to do?" He seemed really exasperated with it. I agreed but didn't ask where this frustrated insight was coming from. If you know this guy, you wouldn't either.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

But Who's Counting Anyway

Since we've moved back to Grants Pass, we have been so fortunate to have the support and encouragement of our family and friends. Everyone has lent a hand at some point whether by donating wood to our stock pile, helping in hanging doors, running errands and picking up dinner for us, letting us borrow tools, brainstorming, lending us their cars, or otherwise. It is the charm of being back home that has made this transition so much easier for us.

This post is dedicated, in a non-butt-kissing kind of way, to our friends The Allen Family. We've known Sy and Shaunna as a couple for over 10 years now but have never had the opportunity to live near them. Now, after just 10 months of hitting that particular friend jackpot, we are very aware at how selfless they are in lending their time and effort to us.

Thank you very much. To each of you. Really. You make it fun and easier and possible to live in this town and to "camp" in our home.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Halfway Point

A pregnancy is approximately 40 weeks long. We are at week 20... halfway point, babeeee! Our BIG sonogram appointment went wonderfully! The baby was really wriggly so we got extra play time in order to see all of it's important bits. This appointment was focused on making sure all of the vital stuff is growing correctly so we have pictures of the heart, the brain, the bladder, the spinal cord, kidneys, etc. The ultrasound tech did skip the sex organs (or, at least, didn't point them out) as we are not wanting to know.

We got some 3-D pictures which were endearing and a bit creepy. It is nice to see the dips and mounds of our baby's face but it also looked too similar to what my face looks like while on mushrooms. Lava lamp-ish. The measurements are measuring up and it's head is "a round little noggin". To celebrate, we then went to Dairy Queen to eat bad baskets of food followed by a small marshmallow sundae. I then took a body shot off the hot bartender at JD's and wasted a pack of Pall Malls.