Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Remember When... ?

Remember when going to a place like Home Depot or Diamond or Eagle used to be rather exciting? It meant that you were working on something. It meant that you were starting a project, a new adventure even. It meant that you maybe had done some research and were going to test a theory. It meant that you knew what you were doing. Oh, and the EXCITEMENT of telling the myriad of employees at said store what you were PLANNING... as if they gave two shakes. Pshhht.
Now what used to be reserved to the weekends (the earlier the better so you can get a jump on it!!!) happens every other day and sometimes 2 or more trips a day. Now you know the greeter's name and barely have the respect to nod at Kenny as you pass by him, him with all of his optimism and faith in you and your holy project. You almost feel comfortable enough to use the employee bathroom and get offended when the new guys asks, "So, whatcha workin' on?"
Dude, please, as if the weary disappointment smeared across my face doesn't explain it all already. CLEARLY I am RE-DOING the F-ING ENTIRE wall that I have ALREADY did. LAST WEEK. In the blanket-y blank kitchen. That I've been working on for well over a month now.
Yeah, but thanks for asking.
Do you guys sell first aid kits?

Monday, July 28, 2008

More on that Whole Sinkless Lifestyle

Ok so our kitchen is completely barren and I am forced to wash the dishes in our bathtub. Glamorous. After 20 minutes of washing the darn things, I found a lil' ditty running through my head. It sounds like a funeral march and it goes like this: "Wash-ing dish-es in the tub. Wash-ing dish-es in the tub. There is noth-ing right with it. Washing-ing dish-es in the tub." Dustin, walking by then chimed in, "I thought my life would be bett-er than this. I am re-gret-ing mak-ing this choice in my life. Wash-ing dish-es in the tub."

Sunday, July 27, 2008

With the Sink Goes My Hygiene

Right in the middle of our first house guest visit (my eldest sister), Dustin decides that the kitchen must be completely gutted.

Like, completely.

Who cares that we still have 4 weeks before the cupboards were to be delivered.
What necessitates a kitchen anyway? Is it counter tops? Or a sink? Or appliances? Or a cutting board? Nay. I would say that, barring all of these things, a kitchen equals convenience. Yes, we can get by without any of the previously mentioned things but that is called camping. And camping is what we have been doing now since July 1st.

I saw this comparison. I saw that dishes do not get traditionally washed in the bathtub and decided that my armpits should be then only shaved in the kitchen sink. The rub is that we have no kitchen sink for me to do the latter so I have not done that at all.
It's going on four weeks. Dustin is totally grossed out. So be it. My pit hair is long, strong, and bound to get the friction on.

Screw Pilates

Pilates has NOTHIN' on home repair.
Hold a piece of drywall over your head, while on your tippy-toes as your husband drills the board to the ceiling. Climb a ladder to the top wrung and balance while disconnecting wires that are just out of reach. Pick up newly delivered cabinets and move them back-and-forth (just for fun-sies) for 3 days across your kitchen. I have fine tuned muscles that, even with my knowledge of the human body for massage therapy, I wasn't aware of. Even my eyelids look firmer. That or I have yet to wash off the joint compound that we used to texture the walls.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Spray Painting Injuries and Those That Suffer From Them

The muscles in my forearm have been strained... from overuse... due to spray painting. I didn't know that one should be advised to ice down post spray painting session. Sure, I had been working at the task of sanding, priming, and spray painting every surface of an old art deco metal cabinet. I had this project spaced out over a week so that there would be proper drying time but I hadn't seen an injury taking place because of that.
Jeez. I was whining by day two, well, rather, the morning of day three. I woke up with both of my hands curled up in rigid claws with which to wrap around a spray can once again. I had trouble typing, putting in my contacts, brushing my hair, etc. Ridiculous! I am both embarrassed and in awe that one can have such a reaction to work. I've said it before and I'll say it again... I don't like workin' and if I had the full use of my digits, I'd show just how much I don't like it.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


On a simple Saturday, after having gone to the Grower's Market with Dustin's mom, we found ourselves with no real plan for the day. We headed out to the Grange Co-op to get some inspiration for landscaping. Finding nothing totally us, we bought D a new straw hat to protect his noggin from the shadeless dirt patch we call our yard. On our way out, we paused to see what kind of livestock was for sale on the community board. When what did our eyes spy? But a flyer claiming to have for sale the exact breed of dog that we had been researching and ready to buy for over a year!

Ahem, yes, please. We'll take him!

His needs are simple: play, food, potty, nap, repeat. That is not dissimilar to a certain someone I know. Someone who's name starts with a D and ends in "ustin".

Now he just needs to get a job detailing the house and we'll be a four member crew!