Saturday, December 13, 2014

Big Bear - Round One

Picture it: Memorial Day weekend and Dustin IS NOT working a wedding!!! Holy cow! We got out of town as fast as we could before anyone decided to book him last minute. So we headed up to Big Bear, California where we could pretend we were in Oregon or Montana for a few days. 
Alden loves anything that Dustin is doing and I think it is mostly because they like to spend time together. But the fishing thing seems to run deeper than that. Alden stood on that dock for well over 3 hours to fish along side his dad. I was impressed. I had brought games and books to occupy him but ended up getting to read in the sun while those two caught some good ones.

We stayed the night in a huge rental house that we got for a deal since we were spontaneous and hadn't booked a cabin 6 months in advance. The whole home could have slept 10 people in it's spacious 2 floors but, instead, it slept 3 (and one more growing) in the master bed. It was so nice to get away and see the mountains and get some perspective on city life. We are certainly more country folk than we have known before.

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