Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dustin's Birthday Soo-prize

Dustin's job keeps him pretty busy. So busy that he hadn't even gotten to put his signature gray on everything. Well, for his birthday, I made my own stab at rad and decorated his office. With the help of Josh, too!

THAT is a live moss ball chandelier. In my spare time, I stuffed dirt in old baby sock's toes, formed them into balls, fastened them, cut of the excess and pinned moss from Discovery Park (illegal?) to them. I then kept them hidden for over 3 weeks in our house with Dustin none the wiser.

This all wood (over 26 pounds) ram head was spied by the two of us in Grants Pass when we moved there. As we were leaving, I couldn't help myself. I bought it. And moved it into our new home with, again, Dustin unknowing. It was on the floor of his closet and he never even noticed. I'm still waiting for him to notice that I had the baby. Sheesh.