Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bare Bear

Nothing quite like a little nay-nay butter bear ploppin' around the living room. Nope. Nothing like it at all...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The 13 Year Old GIRL Version of Dustin Came Out

Back in early November, we went south of Seattle to see a puppet show at a little library in a quiet little town. Afterward we realized how close we were to the hugely coveted Cabela's outdoor store. Until now, every time we've headed south, we had be on a mission to get to Portland before midnight or to Grants Pass in the next decade. Dustin would wistfully say, "I'm sure I'll go there... (whispered) someday." A boy can dream. Well today we had no mission. There was nothing going on. We decided to visit and the squealing started about 10 miles north of the exit and didn't stop until we were driving home over 4 hours later.

The following is a pretend text from the 13 year old girl version of Dustin to whomever would answer him first...
"OMG! @ Cabelas!!! shoot me now! so x-ited! LUL! hahahahaha!"

Alden and I, understandably, gave Dustin nearly an hour head start because we both knew that Dustin wasn't ours anymore. He was one of the many other plaid wearing, overall protecting, hunter/gatherer folk that were flocking to the front door. I put a cap on how much he could spend and that if he felt dizzy he should sit down on a fake rock or lean against a fabricated tree.

When we all joined up to get a proper tour, I immediately became swept up in it all. It was fantastic. We almost bought a wall tent and a fish shaped mail box. Almost. Gazing into the plastic eyes of the taxiderm-ied elk, I saw what was happening. Cabela's is a ruse! It is a master plan of all the hunted animals in the world to lure us to a spot, close us in, and hunt us. We left soon thereafter. But not after buying a bag of jerky and a pair of "super sweet" boots for Dustin. He hasn't taken them off since.