Friday, August 27, 2010

The First of First Birthdays

Alden was a great host at his very first birthday held at our new rental home in Seattle. We had a quaint group of attendants that we've maintained close friendships with since our last time living here. I am quite sure that none of them ever imagined that they would be attending our child's birthday... and not just because they are really crappy friends who shouldn't get invited anywhere... but, over 5 years ago, we swore up and down that we were going to remain childless for the rest of our lives.

Having such a fine son in Alden makes us both so proud and glad to have changed our minds!

Sadly, little birthday man had a hiiiiiigh fever and wasn't interested in eating his cake. But he still had a pulse and couldn't resist smashing and smooshing it to goo.

Our friend, Sniffany (Stepha-roo, Stephanie), proved a qualified lap to rest on. Alden actually fell asleep as we laughed and ate and carried on around him.

Later, while watching the video, I realized that I had sort of blacked out while singing the "Happy Birthday" song to Alden. Similar to walking down the aisle or graduating, Alden's birthday was one of those moments that I had been waiting for my whole life and didn't even know it. Cliche, I know, but it really does feel like a second ago that we were laboring and delivering him. Now, 18 pounds, 28 inches, and 1 year later, he is a crawling, squealing, pointing, laughing toddler. And so it goes.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Curious George? Meet Alden!

I'm all for milestones but walking is the next in line for us here and I'm a tad nervous. I am already pretty busy now trying to get our Cruisin' Bruiser from crawling up and on and over and in things. What will our lives be like once The Pointer Finger of Declaration gets bipedal? Pray for a late bloomer, 'k?

Remember when the OBGYN thought that Alden's in-utero measurements suggested that his humorous bones may be shorter than average? Like, as Dustin so bluntly clarified, "T-Rex arms"? Well, this kid has no problem reaching EVERYTHING he has his mind on reaching. Everything.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I get that gardens are supposed to grow. Plants plus water plus light equals growth but this seems a little intense here in Seattle. Dustin has a green thumb and then some.
As of May 30th:


If you remember back to May 2009, Dustin began gardening with little more interest than wanting to provide food for our very future baby. He was suffering from the paternal worry that his love would not be enough to nurture the baby and I as we grow together as a family. He did get such a huge amount of produce from that first crop (over 30 pounds of tomatoes and Italian squash that would make many folks blush in it's phallic girth) but Alden was just a couple of months old and not ready for solids. But this year? Dustin not only picked, scrubbed, and cooked up this here carrot, but he wept while he did it. He is so proud to help feed our guy and not just make the monies.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Eleven Months Old and Snugglin' It

Dustin and I keep taking turns saying that we can't understand where the baby months went in this past year! It's nearly over and our Alden is turning one on July 24th. I am very certain that I remember all of the long hours laughing and crying and snoozing and traveling and learning and wondering and asking and all of that but, yet, here we are about to leave the first year behind us and start in on a whole new Newnie Era and the past is already a blur!
Here he is (ignore the pink diaper, please) enjoying his splash mat from Grandma Robbie. It is waaaay to cold of water but he can't help himself.

Awww. The elusive Snoozer.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

1-2-3 Catch Up

The next few posts will be old news to most of you. But due to being busy and having very limited access to a computer, we have to play catch up now.
For starters, here is a picture of our home in Seattle.

We've been living inhere for 3 months now and really enjoying the neighborhood. It is super quaint and remote but just minutes for the city. I think they put something in the water so that only younger families live here.