Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thanky Day

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because it is so random who will gather together. I love that my family is so close that we can all join efforts and enjoy this time of year. We each bring our talents to the table.

Love the decorations that my sis-in-law, Megan, made.

Pies, cakes, and brownie dollops. Duh-lish!

Nothing says "comfy" like laying on your cousin.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Grants Pass Half Marathon

Nearly two months ago, I ran in the Grants Pass Half Marathon. The swag bag for the event was loaded with goodies and I was super impressed with the quality of warm up jacket. Love the colors, love the luxe-ness, love the Grants Pass Pride!

I was already pretty proud of myself for running at all and had pretty low expectations for killing the time. I just wanted to feel the pavement under my feet and take in the course. It started at the All Sports park, over the pedestrian foot bridge, over the 6th St. Bridge, up and around G. St, and back to the All Sports Park. That took care of about 4 miles. Then down Lower River Road and back Upper River Road. I have been driving that loop for a looooong time. I went to elementary school out that way and even lived on the deadly curve on Lower River Rd. There are some fond memories on that road and now I have one more to add to it. The course was even, relatively flat, and smooth. I finished the race almost before I knew it. 13.1 miles in the bag on a Saturday morning.

I crossed the finish line 10 minutes earlier than the other half marathon I ran BACK WHEN I WAS 26! How's that for killing time? Game on, Aging Mom Body! The time on the clock behind me is 10 minutes AFTER I had finished since my cheering section was a bit late for my crossing. No big whoop! They were there in the beginning of the race and later on 6th St. Alden was so confused as to why his mama was running toward him and then away from him without stopping to hug.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Gettin' My Hairs Did

Growing up and, until about 5 years ago, I knew that I probably wasn't going to have children but - in the event that I change my mind - I did know that I wanted to have long, rock and roll, sexy mom hair. I loved the long golden mane of a mom of some family friends had. Suzie could totally pull of the look. Me? Not so much. But I tried it anyway for a couple of years.

I've run the gamut of hair styles and colors. I've done permed bangs (thank you, second grade), I've had the obligatory mullet (thank you, fourth grade), I've tried razor cuts, near crew cuts, faux hawks, bottle blond (thank you, hair crumbling off at the top on my head at 19), bangs part two (no thanks, twenty-two), henna, braids, blah, blah, blah. Each style fit for the time and I was mostly happy with the results. Mostly.

But now I am super pumped!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Orange You Glad

To know me is to know I am more than fond of the color orange. So none of us should be surprised that Alden is really fond of it, too. Right down to his hair! I had picked out these pj's months ago hoping that he might like them. He do, he do!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pouty Pants

So far our version of the "terrible twos" is not too intense. Alden is mild in comparison to other kids but he does need a bit more hugging. I'll take it!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Trick or Treat and No Trust

This year we posed as a work crew. Dustin was Construction Foreman. I was Lunch Lady. And Alden was Digger Operator. We had all of the gear except for the hairnets and knee high hosiery. Dustin fashioned a vehicle for Alden (which he refused to wear) and we were off to the Allen's Annual Halloween Party.

We need the profile picture from Shaunna where D and I are looking at each other. His F.U.P.A. and my BOOBS fit together like a yin and yang symbol. That's when you know it's real, y'all.

Parked for the night (but only after dragging it around the neighborhood in hopes of Alden trying it out again).

It is pretty difficult to gather kids in the first place but even more so when they are awake late on a school night, fueled by awesome outfits, and free candy. Tonight we spooked them into one room and got nearly all (Claire Bear? Where are you?)

Alden really got into Halloween this year. Last year was an exercise of just newly walking and learning to knock on doors. This year, he could knock, mutter "Trigger Trees" and "Sank You". He liked the candy portion of the exchange and would look back over his shoulder as he walked away, completely shocked that those people just gave him candy. For no reason! It must have something to do with his facial hair? Yes, that's it.

Alden had been content with either Dustin or myself escorting him to the front doors but then I blew it by trying to convince him to drop the candy in the bag we had. After falling twice in the dark and not catching himself because his tiny hands were fused to candy grenades, I tried to take the candy from him. That is not easy like the old saying goes. He shrieked and ran away from me saying "I no trust". Me? Or the bag? Or both, I asked? He confirmed with "I not trusting". And that was that.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fishing Buddies

These two are bound going to get a lot of fishing in at this rate. Look at this whopper! Bro-in-law Max is liking the fishing. Dustin is liking that someone other than he likes fishing, now. And I am liking the fresh fish to over cook.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Wheeeeeere's Alden?

I can't find him ANYWHERE! I hope he comes back soon... I miss him.

He can stand here for over five minutes letting the tension and anticipation build until his toes are actually tapping. He's thinking, "Mama is so silly. I am pulling a fast one on her big time!"

Friday, October 7, 2011

Things on Faces

Ok. Picking up where I left off in AUGUST, my blog has decided to let me back in. My email account that had been linked to the blog had been hacked. I couldn't get into either account and have been cursing up a storm since. Then, on attempt #78, I got in this morning at 6:22 a.m. I'm still in shock.
Anyhow, the following is from May-ish when we were still in Seattle and Dustin was trying something new...

It is not like me to rush into things. I get an idea and I think about it. For a long time and from many angles. I then make a decision. And then doubt that decision and then start over. With that being said, I am changing my rules and jumping ahead of myself. I am pleased to introduce you to the new man in my life... Moustache.

For over a month now, Dustin has been growing out Moustache for me. He has been asked to allow Moustache into our lives for some time now. I have an odd fondness for moustaches. Don't tell me it a father-issue thing, it's a Hulk Hogan thang. Hubba-hubba, right? I love a good moustache on a dude that can treat it right.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Do the Thomas Dance

I've been trying to keep Alden shielded from things like Barney, The Wiggles (terrifyingly odd men with Australian accents dancing to long and complex songs), and Thomas the Tank Engine. I was trying to keep him interested in simple things like rocks and sticks and books. Selfishly, I didn't want to have a house filled with gadgets and commercialized toys that I would inevitably step on in the night and that would possibly become boring in too short of time.
Well, then enter in the era of working from home. I make over 150 phone calls each day and need to have a relatively quiet back ground so I can a) maintain professionalism, b) hear, c) not be distracted, and d) hear. Alden likes to play and talk and sing just two feet from me or often sitting right on my lap. I turned to our local Seattle library to borrow some educational videos and books on tape. We tried The Wiggles (which Dustin banned for Alden and Alden's future children), we tried Lamb Chop (a personal favorite of mine), and Pat the Bunny which is a somber look into the 3-D world of the classic touch-and-feel book. Lastly, we found Thomas. And life hasn't been the same since.

See? What do I know about the joy of children? How can you deny that? I stand corrected.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vintage Alden

This is a decades old white poly tee with fine point red and blue stripes. Which are enhanced by the blue cloth diaper and the model's red hair.
1972 called and wants their baby back.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Second Year of Swimming Lessons

Alden loves "SHIMMING" so much that he gets all worked up the night before a lesson and practices in the bath tub. We have to spell "SHIMMING" so he can't gather what we are talking about.

This summer, we were lucky to get into the very popular Saturday morning class. It's popular for many reasons but, I think for moms everywhere, it is coveted because it gets the dudes out of the house for a precious hour on a weekend. Love it!

Copper Locks that, when wet, drizzle down to his upper scapula. Tough guy.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Easter Weekend

Alden may not have entirely understood what was going on during the Easter holiday but he now thinks that all eggs have candy in them.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sequim-ming Weekend

Being the youngest in my family, a Pieces, and sort-of (read: completely) obsessive-compulsive makes it a bit difficult for me to do things out of order. That includes blogging. So, I have to back track and tell you about life that happened clear back in February. Don't worry, we'll get caught up soon because of all of the aforementioned tics I have...

About six months ago, Seattle had one of the windiest weekends on record. The wind was so strong that folks were having the inside-out umbrella moments and no jacket was strong enough to keep the biting cold away. We tried to have a nice family walk to a local breakfast spot and nearly lost Alden to the gales. Our faces were chapped in minutes. So we decided to ditch Seattle and take the ferry to Port Townsend. Which was not windy and so very quaint (think Jacksonville, OR in July but a little more updated and an ice cream shop). That turned into a "why don't we drive to Sequim since we have come all this way?" which turned into "well, now it's 6pm. Why don't we stay out in Sequim and try to see the lavender farms tomorrow" which turned into the best spontaneous weekend. Spontaneity is also something that I don't do. But this time I was able to loosen up and just go with it. I'm so glad that these two boys in my life help me do that.

This place had funk factor times 1,000. I loved it. The smelly little hosts' cabin had a video check with such gems as Zorro and E.T. Which we watched back-to-back while eating dinner out of boxes amidst the indoor "a.b. bugs" (that's Alden's term for ladybugs). If you look closely at this toilet decoration, you would find that it is one end of a pair of bookends. I'm sure that the other side was tragically broken from the back of the toilet when the tomb Atlas Shrugged finally pushed them apart.

Alright, so the pictures are a little out of order but, I am trying to challenge myself and let that be ok. I want to update you so we can get to the juicy stuff like Alden's 2nd Easter, moving, being home in our home, and Alden's 2nd birthday!