Monday, April 2, 2012

New Ka-shower

This entry title and the last are referencing a stupid (read: awesome) inside joke in our family. Alden has been consumed and enamored by Lightening McQueen of the Cars movie. Over time and after watching that movie over a chabillion times, I tried making a couple of jokes that use Lightening's tag line, "Ka-chow". Here are a few examples:

Q: What does Lightening McQueen do right after a long, hot race?
A: He takes a Ka-shower.

Q: What does Lightening McQueen say if he gets a boo-boo while racing?
A: Aw, Ka-chowie!

Q: What is Lightening McQueen's favorite Chinese take-out meal?
A: Kung Ka-chow Chicken

I'll stop there so you don't spurt coffee out of your nose. Everyone I told these to first hand just groaned. A certain family told me to "Ka-shut up". They're just jealous of my mad comic skills. And our new shower.

It feels like you are showering in a hull of a boat.
Easy to clean and so much better than the cold, faux tile that was molding and flaking all over the tub.

Yes, the concrete has now made it into a fourth room of our house. Only two to go and we'll have concrete domination! It is the best material to work with and Dustin swears by it's versatility and ease of use.