Thursday, December 11, 2014


It takes a LOT to get Alden down and, in the beginning of April, we saw just how much he could take. While performing a small stunt (after jumping from the back of the couch onto Dustin to hug him hello), Alden jumped from D's arms onto the couch and then onto me who was laying on the couch. He shot past the target and slammed his face on the the low window ledge in the living. After lots of blood loss, even more screaming, and some fainting (me), we took him to the E.R. where he received 3 stitches in and under his nose. That was a brutal process and one that has now instilled a phobia about needles... especially needles that are entering stage left at a rapid pace and INTO the nose of a 4 year old. He was wrapped in a hospital papoose (think straight jacket connected to a flat board) so that he wouldn't move. Dustin held his head while I held his feet. It is AWFUL to hear him scream, "Get me outta here! I want this done. I'm done. Mama, help me!" I still tear up thinking about it. I felt the need to explain why Alden has some markings on his otherwise flawless face. And now, at the end of the month in April, he is over it and has moved on.
The Easter Bunny totally gets it. He brings some great baskets, leaves the eggs, and gets out of town. I don't know why the Easter Bunny is allowed to come into our house and Santa still has to deliver the goods on the porch like a common mailman.
This year, the Easter Bunny left some prints around our home showing where he visited and giving some clues to where some eggs where. That was helpful to find 17 of the eggs but we were shy one for about a week after the hunt. Finally found it behind the second bathroom toilet. Whew. That could have gotten a lot stinkier before it got better.

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